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8 maja 2021, 08:22
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We all know that in today’s world there is a huge transformation in technology and hence games also need a perfect platform on which they can run smoothly and give users what they expect from pogo games. For a player, a smooth and lag-free game is something incomparable which he expects from every online game.
And for which a good browser is recommended which support all the games which pogo has because some of the games run on HTML and flash as they have 3d graphics which require this software for smooth functioning. So today we will be discussing the best-supported browser for pogo games.

Issues faced on different browsers while playing pogo games

  1. GOOGLE CHROME- Google chrome support flash and HTML games but the issue are to play flash games on Google chrome you have to use an external flash player because chrome does not have an inbuilt flash player.
  2. Firefox- issue faced in using Mozilla Firefox is that it keeps crashing again and again and it takes time to get fixed which can completely ruin your gaming experience.
  3. Microsoft Edge- Microsoft Edge is a new browser and is quite good as it supports both HTML and flash but the issue is it does not support java which is also essential in sunning of pogo games.
    Safari – Safari is a browser for apple products that do not support java and flash which is much recommended for pogo games but it only supports HTML which is not enough for pogo games to run smoothly.

Recommended browser

Internet Explorer 11- internet explorer is much recommended for playing pogo games because it supports java, flash, and HTML which all are required to play pogo games because these are required for 3d graphics of the game.


So it is recommended that internet explorer must be used to play pogo games for an amazing experience. If you face any difficulty then you can contact pogo live customer support for 24*7 assistance from skilled technicians.


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