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Distro or Disco?

4 lutego 2023, 16:06
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Interest Areas: Maker Spaces, Classroom Technology, IT Service Management, Professional Development.

The protocol is used to transfer large files in many legal and legitimate ways. For instance, for computer science majors at any large university, bit torrent is usually the best and most reliable way to get the latest Linux distros. It’s efficient and fast and the community built up around open-source software oftentimes uses this free vpn for chrome to make their software more available.

Some video games update via bit torrent, simply because it is so fast and reliable. With traffic shaping policies or outright restrictions that apply to bit torrent, students may not be able to download patches and updates to programs that they paid for, at a university that they pay for, on an Internet connection that they’re paying for. Unfortunately for those who seek to restrict what they do not understand, young people are very good at adopting new technologies.

VPN services are more available than ever and very easy to use. Most college students have no trouble understanding what encryption does and that it allows them to bypass traffic shaping policies and bans on sites. With protocols such as VeePN and SSTP, blocking ports no longer works as a way to restrict access to VPN servers.

While colleges try to restrict their student’s Internet usage and the entertainment industry tries to restrict everyone else’s, it’s becoming more apparent that the up-and-coming generation is savvy, willing to adopt new technology and not about to have the terms of their Internet access dictated by people who give every indication that they don’t understand technology very well, anyway.

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