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Marketing PR (Public Relations)

24 stycznia 2023, 15:17
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Public relations is building relationships between society and the company, managing public opinion

Public relations is building relationships between society and the company, managing public opinion

Promotion mix. Element 3 Public Relations

Once upon a time, marketing and public relations were two different business functions. Marketing was primarily about selling products and services, while PR was focused on building relationships and managing reputation. 

PR for marketing purposes is a specific function of marketing that helps to establish and maintain close communication, understanding and cooperation between an organization, a brand and its associated public.

Public relations (public relations or PR) is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

In a broad sense, public relations is not so much the management of public opinion, but the building of relationships between society and the company, including for an objective understanding of all aspects of the company's activities, including socio-economic market processes of exchanging goods for money. 

Living in the information, communication space, people are certainly open to information and communication; to exchange opinions and beliefs. PR just performs these functions. However, the target audience of the marketing object is different from the managed crowd. For the crowd, informational contact is important, for the target audience - psychic connections, spiritual and symbolic communications. Unlike the public - people who do not directly contact each other and are not directly connected with anything, the target audience is an audience that is in many ways similar, having not only a lot in common and related to the object of their common interest, but also people interested in this object .

Special tools are often used to find such a target audience. For example, to receive emails from your target audience, use a tool that helps locate email addresses. Email marketing is becoming very popular now and many companies are using it as a method to communicate with their target audience.

Public opinion is an instant, more or less logical judgment, which is often easily formed under external influence and reproduced in response to pressing questions by many individuals - representatives of one social group, community, country.

The public opinion of the social audience of the product and brand today is largely formed within the group. Today, in the era of access to information, the source of information about a product, brand and company can be:

  • means of informing (mass and personal);
  • information and trade intermediaries,
  • prosumers;
  • opinion leaders;
  • social groups and communities;
  • even competitors

If we take into account that marketing is designed to satisfy the needs of consumers in goods and services, then PR for marketing purposes, to a greater extent, is forced not to form an opinion by persuading and popularizing the views of the company, but to listen to public opinion and take it into account when developing a marketing mix and implementation of marketing programs, if necessary and possible, adjust their opinion and the marketing environment. The complexity of PR for marketing purposes and the task of harmonizing relations between the company and the public facing public relations is illustrated by the following opinion of Bill Bishop, a well-known journalist and writer, a recognized specialist in the field of marketing and sociology:

If a customer thinks your product is worth five dollars, then it really is worth five dollars

Bill Bishop

If the opinions of the company and the target audience diverge, the task of PR for marketing purposes is not to broadcast the opinion of the company and promote a different point of view, but, it is possible, to become the initiator of a change in the marketing mix, to serve as the beginning of the process of changing the company's approach to market activity. Of course, this is the case when this opinion is true and it has been confirmed in the marketing environment.


The difference between corporate PR and public relations for marketing purposes

Some of the functions performed by the public relations department of a company are similar to the PR functions performed by the marketing department. However, it is important to understand that PR for marketing purposes is carried out in a marketing environment - an environment of market players interested in the marketing mix: buyers, intermediaries, partners of vertical marketing systems.

The marketing department focuses on the consumer, information intermediaries, participants in the marketing channel (wholesalers and retail outlets). In contrast, a company's public relations department focuses on internal and external stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, government, and society.

For example, the marketing service, concentrating on the marketing environment and the market, does not deal with internal PR, and interaction with suppliers of raw materials and materials is limited to the tasks of promoting the company's name and image of the company, brand and product of the company.

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