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Characteristics and selection of diamond blade

25 lutego 2022, 11:03
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Characteristics and selection of diamond blade

Characteristics and selection of diamond blade

When it comes to blades, I believe we all know that there are many types of blades on the market, but when it comes to different fields of diamond blades, it is likely to be unclear. The key of diamond blades is to mill and process all kinds of rare metals, such as aluminum, copper, magnesium, aluminum alloy, cemented carbide tools and chemical fiber plasticized raw materials with strong wear resistance Metal based polymer materials and other non-metallic materials.

Diamond is a Zui hard chemical substance in nature. However, due to the rarity and value of natural diamond, synthetic diamond has taken place to replace it and alleviate the cost. At present, there are three processing fields: natural diamond (nd), Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond and Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond Composite chip (PDC).

The following key is about Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond blade. What are the characteristics of this synthetic diamond blade? How to choose a high-quality diamond blade? Don't worry, let's introduce the diamond blade in detail.

Characteristics of diamond blade

1. Diamond blade has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance, high thermal conductivity and low linear expansion coefficient. It can be used for high-precision processing of hard and brittle raw materials of non-metallic materials, such as high graphite, high polymer materials, high silicon aluminum alloy profiles and other metal composites. At present, there are many types of diamond blades on the market, with obvious differences in characteristics. Different types of diamond blades have great differences in their structure, main uses and other aspects.

2. Natural diamond blades are widely used for precious metals such as red copper, alloy copper, silver and rhodium, as well as ultra-high precision mirror glass processing. They are generally electronic optical plane mirror, multifaceted mirror, etc. But its crystals are various, and the price of blade is relatively expensive. The characteristic of PCD lies in the composition of cobalt. The service life of the blade is 10 ~ 500 times that of cemented carbide tool blade. It is used for milling all kinds of rare metals, such as aluminum, magnesium and non-metallic materials with strong wear resistance.

How to choose diamond blade?

1. In the whole process of drilling, the key is to process by the knife edge of the blade. Therefore, the sharper the knife edge, the less effort it takes to drill. Therefore, when selecting the blade, we should check whether the blade edge is sharp and whether there is a significant vacancy.

At present, there are many kinds of blades on the market. If they are divided according to raw materials, they can be roughly divided into stainless steel plate, carbon steel and porcelain. In fact, it is not that the higher the strength, the sharper the edge, because it is also related to the softness of the edge.

In addition, we should know whether the raw materials processed by ourselves are suitable for diamond processing.

2. In the whole process of cutting, the blade must deal with very large cutting speed and impact force, so the blade must have strong compressive strength and strong ductility. There is also one thing we need to understand: the blade should have certain wear resistance and temperature resistance. Because the blade carries out laser cutting on some items in the whole process of application, it should have stronger wear resistance than other things.


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