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After finally completing The Fremennik Isles last

6 grudnia 2021, 04:46
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I usually take 4 food, plus a full tortoise of it along with RS gold 12-15 prayer potion (damn these go fast) as well as a home tab, a set of boosting pots, but not a defence, and the darklight. Oh and the lantern. You'll probably swap around things like CLS for Korasi's Sword or something (excellent 1-handed stab weapon). I hope that will help you remember what I've used.

After finally completing The Fremennik Isles last night just before midnight (lmao) I've was in a questing mood. I'm contemplating doing Monkey Madness (and the 2 quests you need to complete before doing it) and was wondering if I have the stats to do the task fairly easily? Do I have the chance of dying if I followed the guide? I'd probably be slashing everything.

So I recently went F2P during my vacation. I've made the decision that I'm going to get 70 def before I start paying again. It's only 38k, but there are a few problems The first is that I'm on f2p. This limits the number of monsters. You are aware. Bank space. I do not have any and I must buy food from the store. I have around 600k leftover from my trip, so I have the option of buying food if I need to.

Armor. As of now I'm using rune plates as well as legs, a full helm and 2h. I'm wearing lightness boots, ring of wealth, ghostly cape and gloves as I didn't take them off when I was f2p, and I do not want to drag them around. However, I don't want to loose them.

I'm not sure why but I've added range as well as mage. Perhaps you know a good way to develop defense and one of those skills? Please let me know!

I specifically inquired if that picture could be read. So unprofessional. I have irrefutable evidence that I am not a professional, but what. People on these forums don't have any real power at all. I'm sorry that I didn't notice your "warning for PM" Holl.

I'm just wanting to tell you how the CC has been a shizzle. It's not like you do anything ever again. It used to be fun. Now it all seems to be about the higher level trying to feel like a shizzle at even trying, and every activity in the community is targeted at higher levels.

Do you remember when we had trains and had soul wars e.g.? It's a huge battle nowadays. The only debate it could be about religion. It was, of course, dismissed by a mod once it became emotional (if they were there).

People are so rude now. According to some, you require 99 points to earn respect. I was able to score a grate on any level. I now need the 90+ mark or something. And, I'm not mean to people who are rude to me (which used to never be the case). A lot of cheap RS gold people are mean nowadays.


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