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Lardar pretty much summarized the most

1 grudnia 2021, 02:23
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Also, if you haven't done it, Love Story is a must. Love Story quest unlocks a brand new type of dungeon which comes with a multitude of new guards for RS gold dungeons that are available for you to put down, such as scarabites, iron dragons, black demons and more. And the majority of them cost less than the original Trolls, Hellhounds, and steel dragons and so on.. If I've missed something, please feel free to ask once more.

Lardar pretty much summarized the most efficient methods, but for a good plan , you'll need to know precisely what your level is.

Good luck! It's up to you how you'd like to go about it, personally, I hate runecrafting and don't want to spend the money, so I keep slaying at the minute for the effigies I can use for runecrafting. As well as assisting people with their RC effigies (91 onwards, I'd recommend this since it's free 30k rc XP a day)

I'd suggest using the penguins well to get a quick increase every week, because it will all add up in a large XP number for as long as it will take for 99 Runecrafting. Alternatively, when free trade comes back , we'll likely see the increasing of Air Law, Air, and Double nature running again as well, which could be the better option to simply sit in the altar for a while and have others deliver the essence to you.

I'm considering camping avies figures are 73 range/80def/60 p.a. Should i use tank method? If so, what do I wear? Should I just wear my current range armour? (full armadyl, snakskin boots and zamorak blessed Dhide vamps ), ava's accumelatour ammy of running, rune bow, broad bolts God book.

The Granite shield is a great choice as it provides a very wide protection range... is it better? should I just put on monk's clothes and a high-prayer bonus and constantly pray? I'm running exlibtur according to specs (or whatever you prefer to spell it) is there something better? (don't use the word "enchanted" because I do not want to pay 10m on it)

Kepp is great for healing. I will porbably have exbiltur, firestaff+nature runes, mithril grapple, Saradmoin arrow(saradomin item) as well as 1 inv space to loot, or two, b2p tabs , and like 8 range pots and the rest sharks. I'll fill my terrobird with monksfishs. What should I do to change this?

It's pretty good, but you'll eventually run out terrorbird time/inventory spaces before this it appears, perhaps there are only monks in the inventory, it seems like they're sufficient at 80 defense, but the terrorbird might be useful, I'd guess, just play with it.

It's fairly profitable to take down a foe, especially with falador shield 4. If not, you can use a terrorbird and make sure it initiates combat with buy RuneScape gold the mole every day. What happens is the terrorbird will follow the general orientation of the mole even in the event of digging, offering you a fantastic idea exactly where it could be.


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