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Tutorial Island is a buggy glitch that's a great one

20 listopada 2021, 04:33
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If you feel it's against the rules, we apologize and RS gold will remove it. This bug doesn't harm anyone, and I haven't seen any rules against the abuse of 'fun bugs. It won't last long and it's not in the spirit to impose sanctions on gamers who exploit glitches with no effect to you, or on the entire game.

Tutorial Island is a buggy glitch that's a great one to use for nostalgic reasons. It's a highly sought-after glitch that anyone can try and isn't harmful to anyone. I thought that people would be interested in it considering that many have fond memories of this place. Have you ever wanted to return to Tutorial Island? Now you can!

The beta is available to members due to a slight bug in combat beta. Here's how to do it: Place your usual character's name in the hunter's logo using the portals to the latest hunter DnD. Log out and log into the beta. Within the beta, select 'import save' and log into the game. The tutorial island's northwest corner has invisible walls. It is possible to climb up the ladder and then go into the building from the northwest. There's no wall. Neo, you're now in.

Clan Citadels are no longer very useful one year later. The reason is that it's possible to grind to create a more attractive building. The building isn't much use and doesn't do much. You get xp for doing the work. This is great however it's not the primary point. As far as I can tell, the following features are fairly pointless:

The keep also houses the Parliament room and majority of the vast spaces that are used by the citadel. If you sit near the edge, the speaker won't be audible to you. If you crowd together, you could be meeting in a different location. Why does your clan even get together for games? What's the point of having there, in the prime space?

Clan avatars. This is a lot of work and very little rewards. It's not much. Battlefields. They are fantastic tech, but is anyone actually making use of them? If people want a war then they head to Clan Wars or the Wilderness. Battlefields are more likely to be one-sided than just odd.

The clan citadel is not worth anything in runescape. The cheap OSRS gold clan cape has three stars and the vexillum is ablaze with fireworks. Is that really it? Every member of the clan never visits your citadel, except you.


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