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How Does an Automatic Bottle Unscramble Machine Work?

30 września 2022, 07:53
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Filling bottles with your product requires you to feed the bottles in an ordered pattern into production lines at high speed–a process known as unscrambling.

Doing this manually may be slow and inefficient, therefore you need an automatic bottle unscramble machine.

The purpose of an automatic bottle unscramble machine is to help you pass the bottles to the filling machine with orderliness, at high speed, and with great efficiency.

But, how does an automatic bottle unscramble machine work? What are the factors to consider before buying an automatic bottle unscramble machine?

Keep reading this article as we educate you on the working principles of the automatic bottle unscramble machine.

Working Principle of Automatic Bottle Unscramble Machine

Initially, bottles that are to be filled with your product are randomly thrown into a large container, which holds thousands of them.

Therefore, the aim of the automatic bottle unscramble machine is to sort those bottles and align them orderly towards the filling machine.

To achieve this, an inclined conveyor is used by the unscramble machine to move the bottles from the large container to a rotating bowl, which organizes the bottles such that they are arranged with their necks leading or trailing.

The automatic bottle unscramble machine then uses a hook to turn the bottles with the neck leading to ensure that all bottles lie with the neck trailing.

Next, the bottles are passed between two sets of belts moving at high speed, which stands the bottles vertically before conveying them to the filling machine that fills them with your product.

However, this working principle of an automatic bottle unscramble machine may vary partially from one machine to another, depending on the design.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Automatic Bottle Unscramble Machine

Although automatic bottle unscramble machines work efficiently in sorting out bottles to be filled with liquid content, you should consider certain factors before buying these machines.

A few of the factors to consider include:

1. Speed

The speed of the automatic bottle unscramble machine should match up with other machines required for packaging your product.

An automatic bottle unscramble machine should be fast and frictionless. It should be the fastest machine in the production line because it is the machine needed to begin production.

2. Bottle size

Choosing an automatic bottle unscramble machine requires that you consider the size and shape of the bottles to be unscrambled.

The size of bottles has a significant effect on the speed of the bottle unscrambling machine. Thus, you will be recommended the machine to choose based on the size of your bottles.

3. Material 

You should also consider the material used for making the bottles before choosing an automatic bottle unscramble machine.

Are the bottles made from plastic, ceramics, or glass?

You can choose automatic bottle unscramble machines are recommended for bottles made from fragile materials that can easily be scratched or broken–especially if your bottles are made from glass.

4. Installation Location

An automatic bottle unscramble machine should be placed before the filling machine. It is usually the first machine in the production line.

You should consider the size of your production room and create enough space for the installation of the bottle unscramble machine which is usually large.

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