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Wireline Drill Rods BQ NQ HQ PQ 5ft

25 czerwca 2022, 05:14
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Wireline Drill Rods BQ NQ HQ PQ 5ft

The casing pipe tube joins to tapered tool joint with modified buttress thread. It is made from high-quality alloy mainly used in geotechnical and hammering applications.The casing pipe tube is cooperated with the casing shoes to stabilize the borehole. It can well-adjusted to the broken formation stones.Get more news about Bq Rod Shoe,you can vist our website!

Before drilling, drill rods should be in operation under the minimum recommended make-up torque to pressure the box and pin. The drilling operation torque should be lighter than make-up torque.

The casing pipe tubes include NW tubes, HW tubes, HWT, PW/PWT, SW/SWT casing pipe tubes.

This casing pipe tube is used for specific applications or when it's in the drilling hole. The W casing borrows from DCDMA C80 tubing and the DCDMA W thread form. With a straight thread, this general casing is suitable to various drilling fields where thread casing is required to be left in the ground.This casing is an upgrade version of the standard W casing in speed and performance. Even in abrasive applications. This thread works well under difficult drilling conditions and is designed for repeated application. The WT casing used DCDMA C80 tubing and the tapered HD thread functions well.

Thread design:
1. It is combined with HD rod threads.
2. Tapered joint and sparse thread greatly increase efficiency, lightens friction and reduces labor costs.
3. Double-butt tapered joint and heavy duty buttress thread form work with more strength.
4. Tapered thread reinforces the joint and effectively reduces wearing.
5. 40% Load efficiency means greater withdraw force in coarse applications.
6. Threads are easier to clean to be put into use again.


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