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Common characters and skills in Path of Exile

26 października 2020, 03:22
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There are many powerful characters in Path of Exile. These characters allow players to experience more skills in the game. Although POE Currency can help players obtain these characters, they are not easy for every player to obtain. I will give you all Introduce several role skills.

Assassin is based on the "Assassin Rise" occupation to enhance the passive skills of the role. This passive gives an additional basic critical strike chance, a chance of being poisoned by a hit, a chance for a critical strike to generate power, and the critical strike cannot be reflected. This also gives the opportunity to kill the enemy.

The champion is the passive skill of the ascendant based on the champion's level of promotion. It passively enables the attacker to gain penetration, obtain defense in melee attacks, obtain taunts when taunting, and increase the movement speed of you and nearby allies. In addition, your hits will permanently terrorize the enemy, causing them to suffer more damage from attacks, and the enemy you mocked by you to suffer more damage. Impale is very powerful for any attack, which is exactly what Champion is good at. Because of this perfect combination of offensive and defensive ends, the starting role of the league is usually Champion.

Juggernaut is a well-known passive skill that can increase the armor level of the bottle, the maximum life span and the health value of each bottle. Survival is the main focus of Juggernaut, although high defensive capabilities will provide surprising offensive capabilities depending on the structure. The incredible resistance-generating force and enough precision enable the Juggernaut to use the right equipment to become a deadly monster.

The Secret Master is based on the auxiliary skills of the Secret Master to improve the course. When you have any number of energy shields, this passive skill will provide other curse restrictions, enhanced curse effects, energy shield regeneration and stun immunity. The damage caused over time must be carefully considered before the concealer can be selected as an advantage. The existence of Buy POE Currency and faded or violent awakening greatly increases the damage of chaotic and cold DoT to occultists.


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