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POE has improved too much in the past ten years

30 października 2020, 02:48
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Since GGG released POE through its website in 2010, the game has caused an uproar in the community of players who love ARPG games. Many players regard it as the successor to Diablo 2. After so many years of development, players can now download POE for free on PC, Xbox1, PS4, and Mac. Last year, the GGG president announced that the upcoming POE 2 will also stimulate the interest of players to a greater extent. Many smart players use practical game consoles to reserve many POE Currency for themselves without spending a penny.

When POE first appeared in the public’s field of vision, few people were interested in the game despite the media hype about it. After they release more and more creative and interesting leagues, more and more people join the POE. Today, Path of Exile is getting better and better in the minds of players. It is all because of the unremitting efforts of the game team and the support of enthusiastic fans. The goal of the developers is that players who play this game can love it for their entire lives. Although it seemed unlikely at the time, they are now working towards this goal.

Grinding Gear Games also learned a lot in the process of overcoming various difficulties. Paying attention to player experience is the most fundamental reason for the long-term development of a game. The development team puts 200% effort into each expansion release. They also often listen to the suggestions and opinions of the players and make adjustments step by step in order to give all players the best experience.

What players are most looking forward to now is POE 3.13 and POE 2. Although it is unlikely that they will play these two expansions this year, it is still necessary for players to Buy POE Currency and POE Chaos Orb to prepare for them. Foresight players have used the current mechanism in POE Heist to reserve resources for themselves.



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