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Dire Maul - Largest Dungoen in WoW Classic Released

15 listopada 2019, 09:50
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The WoW Classic has undergone a second phase update as Blizzard had expected, adding a lot of new content. The Dire Maul, which players are most concerned about, is now available. Not only that, but the Paladin and Warlock players have ushered in a new epic mount. You can get a 8% extra offer to buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold on ZZWOW's official website. Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of ZZWOW, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

Dire Maul is the largest and most complex dungeon in the WoW Classic. It belongs to the game's end-game content. Only players with a level of 54 to 60 and a certain equipment base are eligible to challenge it. The land is divided into three wings, players can choose any one of the lines and complete a specific task, thus obtaining a variety of rewards and a large number of loot.

Like vanilla World of Warcraft more than a decade ago, tribal or league players above level 54 can go directly to Dire Maul's East Wing, where players need to fight the demons. When the player successfully defeats the head of the area, Pusillin, you can get the special item Crescent Keys. Players can use this item to gain access to the North and West Wing areas. In fact, even if you don't have Crescent Keys, you can access the complete Dire Maul dungeon through the thief's unlocking ability, a Large Seaforium Charge explosive, and a Truesilver Skeleton Key.

The final boss of the dungeon is King Gordok. Players need to defeat the Gordok House of Lords guard Mol’dar and get the Gordok Inner Door Key to open the gate and defeat him, gaining generous rewards and rare gear.

In this update, along with Dire Maul, there are also epic mounts for warlocks and paladins. The Warlock's mission reward is the Dreadsteed of Xoroth epic mount, and the Paladin gets the Charger epic mount after completing the mission. The subsequent epic mount missions for other professions will be opened. But I believe that the Dire Maul dungeon is enough to attract your attention. During the time before the next update, all WoW Classic players will spend most of their time on this dungeon and get a great boost.

The first major update to Wow Classic is available for download today, adding one of the more intricate dungeons from World of Warcraft's distant past. Find out how Blizzard plans to launch the "next phase" of WoW Classic in 2020.

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