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31 maja 2019, 05:56
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Golden Goose Sneakers

Canadian avante-garde art jeweller in funding stir

A Canadian art jeweller who gilds her work with mouse droppings, toenail clippings, dead insects and pubic hair has fanned a debate about the nature and funding of art.

Winnipeg artist Aliza Amihude found herself at the centre of controversy when she received a $CAD5,000 ($AU5,423) grant from a provincial funding agency to help defray costs for her collection of jewellery, made mainly from natural materials.

The Manitoba Arts Council grant was panned in letters to the editor of a local newspaper and made waves in the provincial legislature, where one politician called Amihude's "public pubic" work offensive.

"It is a pure waste of taxpayers' money, yet Golden Goose Sneakers it is out there on public display, no doubt available for children to see," the Conservative Party's culture critic, Mavis Taillieu, said during debate.

Amihude said she delights in sparking discussion about art, but is surprised at the strong reaction to her work.

"They're just aghast at pubic hair, like they've never seen pubic hair in their lives," Amihude, 37, said.



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