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Path of Exile - Changes in the mines and new stones of the "poison" killer

30 sierpnia 2019, 10:52
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Next week, "evil" will come to action / RPG Path of Exile, mushroom growth, infect everything involved in their dispute, and because the courageous abandonment will save the fantasy world again, the developer decided to change some prototypes and should help the hero Spread the infection.

One of them will be the "poison" killer. He will have a new support stone that can increase speed and critical strike multiples, as well as a set of five skill POE Orbs, with powerful attack capabilities such as "Cobra Throw," which allows several opponents to attacked within a short distance. So and protect skills.

The second updated prototype is the Saboteur miner, which will undergo significant processing. One of the main innovations is the ability to drop traps to a specific location, not under the character's legs. In addition, their deployment time will reduce, the explosion will explode immediately, and three new mines and three support stones will emerge. As for the current fees, they will change.

Besides, a team at Grinding Gear Games showed ten of the eighteen fortune cards that will add with Fel. In addition, if players want to get a cheap POE Trade Currency, you can visit POECurrency. Their website about the Path of Exile game currency is very worth buying.

The PC version update will be available on September 6th, and the owner of the game console must wait until the 9th.


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