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The new event of Final Fantasy 14 is about to begin

29 sierpnia 2019, 05:46
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Two months after the release of Shadowbringers, Final Fantasy XIV activities continued. The Moonfire Faire event started earlier this month and is still in progress, allowing you to unlock a variety of clothing materials, even for your child's pool. Then, beginning on August 26, a new event called The Rising will kick off all players of level 30 and above.

Rising are going to be located in La Noscea, east of Bloodshore, and definitely will take you by using an essential mission for unlocking the numerous artworks purchased with the brave new Y'shtola and FFXIV Gil to see the walls of your house.

Critic Ginny Woo awarded Shadowbringers extra time of 9/10 in GameSpot's comments and said: "This is not only the sheer size and power of narratives weaved in years of legend, not intended for new players or perfectly designed. Boss cuts exposure to dramatic music and theme-style battles. It's the implementation from the trust system, and also by exploring stories of your respective companions, you truly feel the changes from decision with the Battle of Light for the expansion from past. The laser concentrates on you. The motivation and doubts with the character, it tells an article that eventually became the most important and best that Final Fantasy XIV once said. The corresponding section of salvation, revenge, cruelty and funky Elezen, Shadowbringers promises a large number of times you'll have taken the first step into Norrrandt, whether or not it slammed about the road, could give you a truly spectacular ending."

In other Final Fantasy news, Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered during Gamescom, and finally released a classic RPG upgrade for September 3. Through overhaul visuals and lots of touches, remaster also fixes one of the most exciting memes in the game. Of course, if the player needs to purchase items such as Final Fantasy XIV Gil, you can visit MMOAH and their website will give you the best advice.


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